Stan's Slip Bobbers, first introduced in 1958, have been a favorite with fishermen for over 50 years.  Stan's Slip Bobbers have a unique design feature that will actually help you catch more fish!


Words cannot describe how everyone around could'nt catch crap and my group of three pulled in all the "big boyz". Unfortunetly, I lost three Stan's Slip Bobbers because using 2 lbs test doesn't make "horse it" in philosophy feasible. (Everyone tried snagging my bobbers so they could use it because I wouldn't sell them mine" The little one pounders were.....................ok, it was the eight- ten and fourteen pounders that blew everyone away.


Lightning Trout with Stan's Slip Bobbers..................OMG!!!

Manufactured by

K & K Tackle Company
P.O. Box 8128
South Bend, IN 46660


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