The Scenario
It’s a perfect day for fishing and you’ve heard that they’re biting. You position your boat over the fish. They’re 12 ft deep. You set your stopper knot at 12 feet and cast your line out. You sit and wait for that first bite…and nothing happens. You cast out again…and still nothing. After moving from spot to spot for a few hours, you leave because the fish weren’t biting that day.

The Problem 
The problem wasn’t that the fish weren’t biting, the problem was your slip bobber. With ordinary slip bobbers a plastic bead is required to stop the line at the desired depth. The plastic bead is either part of the bobber in the stem or put on the line between the stopper knot and the bobber. Over time (a few hours of fishing) mono filament line or Fireline will cut a groove in the plastic bead. This causes increased friction, slowing the rate at which the bait sinks. The real problem occurs when the groove gets deep enough to stop the line from sinking at all. So there you are thinking your bait is down 12 feet where the fish are, but your bobber has only allowed the bait to sink 3 feet.

The Solution
Stan’s Slip Bobbers! Instead of using a plastic bead, Stan’s Slip Bobbers are made with a nickel steel grommet that won’t cut. Therefore, the line travels through the bobber without any friction and will get to the desired fishing depth faster. Better yet Stan’s Slip Bobbers will never "hang up" short of the desired fishing depth. It doesn’t matter if you’re using mono filament line or Fireline -- Stan’s Slip Bobbers work the same every time. Stan’s Slip Bobbers are very durable, and come in 9 different styles and three highly visible colors. You may lose a few bobbers, but you will never wear out a Stan’s Slip Bobber.

Manufactured by

K & K Tackle Company
P.O. Box 8128
South Bend, IN 46660


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