What people are saying about Stan’s Slip Bobbers

Simply the best & easiest way to control the depth of your leader with this innovated metal grommet. While everyone around me is struggling to find a solution to control their fishing depth, too high, too low or geting caught in weeds, with Stan's Slip Bobbers  just adjust the slip knot and the bait dangles and stays just above the weeds. Peop.e are amazed how fast and how many fish I catch and it's not luck, its the bobber, period.  All my fishing buddies now use Stan's Slip Bobbers.


  • Del


I used your bobbers for the first time last week while fishing with a guide in Northern Wisconsin.  He said Stan's were the best.  After using them, I have to agree. 


  • Kevin

It is the best slip bobber made hands down. The metal eye on top is the difference it doesn't fray the line and the line doesn't cut into the bobber. Allowing the line to flow smoothly to your stop every time.


  • J. King

I'm 55 years old. All I have ever used are Stan's slip bobbers.

My Dad bought them at the Hardware store in Crystal Falls Mi.

The store has been closed for years and I was down to my last

Bobber. Thank goodness for the internet and I found where to purchase more. 


  • Robert

Great Slip Bobber! Love the metal insert!


  • Tim Czub

        Big Chip Guide Service (www.bigchipguide.com)



I began using the large Stan Bobbers (no 53) last fall for fishing big pike and walleyes with sucker minnows. They were just perfect. Big enough to keep those suckers minnows from hauling them under. And large enough to see in low light evenings. And they cast so well. Unfortunately those big pike ripped a few off my line and they were lost.  Can’ wait for the lake to cool and those big fish will start cruising the shorelines. I'll be ready with Stan's bobbers and my net.


  • C. Eichten

Manufactured by

K & K Tackle Company
P.O. Box 8128
South Bend, IN 46660


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